Unitarian Christian Alliance

Founded in 2019, the Unitarian Christian Alliance (UCA) is a network of individuals, churches, parachurch ministries, and Christian denominations, each committed to the truth of the one God. While holding to various beliefs in other areas, UCA members all agree that the God of the Bible is the Father alone, and that Jesus is his human Messiah. The mission of the UCA and its growing membership is two-fold: to promote unitarian theology and to connect like-minded believers across the globe. Our modern Christian world – lost in a sea of confusing and post-biblical traditions about God – desperately needs to hear about the Father and his Son. It also needs communities of faith and fellowship centered around that truth. Though we all come from different backgrounds and may individually belong to different groups, we believe we can accomplish much more for the body of Christ and the cause of truth when we work together. If you can agree with that basic vision, and with our simple, biblical statement about God and Jesus (what we call the “UCA Affirmation”), then you belong with us. UCA members benefit from a growing, world-wide directory of like-minded believers and ministries. Through our member and group pages, you’ll be able to find others in your area with similar beliefs. You’ll also gain access to national and international theological conferences hosted by the UCA. The UCA offers members access to a variety of unitarian lectures, books, and other content designed to help you or your group explore the Bible, church history, and more. Your individual support and participation in the UCA network is invaluable to the cause of spreading the unitarian Christian message. By connecting with others online, attending UCA conferences, receiving ministry updates, and donating to the work of the association, you’ll be on the front lines of the movement. To learn more about how you can both benefit from and contribute to the mission of the UCA, visit www.unitarianchristianalliance.org







Matthew Elton

Matthew Elton